Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Telehealth

    • What will this course teach me?
  • 2

    Evidence for Telehealth Effectiveness in General Practice

    • Academic Articles for Telehealth Effectiveness in General Practice
  • 3

    Project Overview + GP Telehealth Use Cases for Private Practice

    • 5 Step Guide to Bringing Telehealth into your GP Practice
    • GP Telehealth Use Cases
  • 4

    Choosing the Right Telehealth Software

    • How to Choose Telehealth Software for your GP Practice
  • 5

    How to Get Started with Coviu

    • Getting Started with Coviu: A Step by Step Guide
  • 6

    Medicare Reimbursements for GPs + The Modified Monash Model

    • MBS Items Cheatsheet
    • The Modified Monash Model
  • 7

    Money Talks - Let's Fill your Books! Simple Marketing Tips for Your Digital Practice

    • How to Market your GP Telehealth Practice
  • 8

    Telehealth Posters, Flyers and Patient Appointment Reminders for your Practice

    • Download Patient Appointment Reminders Cards
    • Download Telehealth Practice Posters
    • Download Telehealth Practice Flyers
  • 9

    Helpful Telehealth Links for GPs

    • Helpful Links for General Practitioners
  • 10

    Upcoming Conferences to Attend

    • Upcoming Conferences for General Practitioners